A close-up of Emily, who is looking sad. The panel is black and white. She says: "Trust. Trust is the foundation of everything." The frame zooms out, which reveals Emily standing near a window, one hand pressed against the glass. She continues, "Only the heartless would sacrifice trust for their egotistical interests." The frame zooms out even more. Emily says: "In these uncertain times, those who are cutting into the substance...". She is interrupted by someone who says, "Emily!" That someone is revealed to be Sonja; this panel is in full color. Sonja looks concerned and says, "Look ...I'm sorry that I ate your last pancake! But why are you so sad?" Still in color, Emily breaks her gaze out of the window to look at Sonja, saying nothing. Emily turns back to look out the window and is in black and white again. Sonja stands behind her, still in full color, scratching her head. Emily continues: "Like a broken pillar, trust no longer bears the hope we have built upon it."