04 Apr 17
4 of 2017
'Electronic Sports Story League' - Panel 1
'Electronic Sports Story League' - Panel 2
It's like the normal ESL, but even better!
Livestream from the Electronic Sports Story League. Jonathan Darling: ´And we're back at the ESSL Pro-League´. Sarah Evans: ´And Jeffrey Walls is still hesitant about which answer he wants to choose. While we were gone, Jeffrey began to get a slight nervous breakdown while deciding if he should choose the Bacon Omelette or rather the Belgian Waffle in 'Life is strange'´. Jonathan Darling: ´Wait...is this decision even important?´. Sarah Evans: ´Probably not, but there's always a small chance that she'll choke on that bacon or gets stung by a bee 'cause of the sweet waffles. DO YOU WANT TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT???´.